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interesting info on prop shaft driven generator

Thanks to Clyde for a post that really got my wheels to spin....  on a search for prop shaft generator I think I hit pay dirt on 
" cruisers forum"   see this link

   Also some photo of a set up by another cruiser.   

It seems there is concern about getting the needed rpms for a generator to produce any power, about 1000 rpm needed .  So the pulley on the shaft needs to be large diameter to do this.

  But then another post took me to low rpm geberators.   Think I found one that will work for me.  Waitimg for a reply from them.  See this link,

  $299 seems a good value,  Then I will need a pulley for the shaft.  Thinking Id like to find something of aluminum I can modify and then split to install as not to remove my prop shaft connections.

see pic of the geerator attached, and a pic of pink clouds fresh painted cummins 107

  Thanks Clyde

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Comment by Clyde A. Phillips on April 18, 2013 at 12:18am

You're welcome.  I noticed that all the rigs pictured in your first link used only two pulleys, the drive pulley and the on the alternator..  Ack added two more between those two that are used to increase the alternator's rpm.  That way if space limits the diameter of the pulley on the shaft you can still get the speed you need.  I'll be getting Ack's design up on the site shortly.

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