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Mar 6
bob mitchell replied to John M Swenson's discussion Tighten or repair wheel
"Hi John,      My original wheel was in the same conditions, but I put in a new hydraulic helm station. However, at the time I felt like a good coat of epoxy would probably cure the wheels ills. At the least maybe in the hub.…"
Feb 18
John M Swenson posted a discussion

Tighten or repair wheel

The spindles/spokes on my wheel have become very loose at the hub.  Hub is closed, forged bronze with seemingly no way to refasten or tighten the spindles.  Solutions?See More
Feb 18
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Feb 17
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While hydraulic systems are pretty easy to understand in principle, the different types of fittings are a field of land mines. I lucked out the other day at the hydraulic hose shop. In the pic is my emergency bypass to make it possible to use an…
Feb 9
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Feb 9
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"          This test strategy turns out to lead to another solution. Bleeding the lines of hydraulic steering can be complicated. Really, what you are looking at in this pic, when both valves are open,…"
Feb 7
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"If you want to be a member answer the questions!"
Feb 7
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Feb 2
bob mitchell posted photos
Jan 26
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"Moved 1/4" bolt holes inwards by 1/8", ie all bolt holes for main tank are on 5 7/8" radius circle. Why? because the 6" hole in the plywood above wood have prevented me from drilling straight down."
Jan 26
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Jan 23
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The light is in the new access plate hole. The vertical pipe is tank fill. The orange line is where the first baffle is located, fwd of the tank fill pipe. The bucket is the dead fuel I cupped out, and sucked out with an engine oil remover.
Jan 23
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"First chamber spic and span. The fuel intake is about 3" off the floor in the corner."
Jan 23
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Jan 22
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Graphs of prop drag

Jim's requests always send me off in search of information that I want to know about - in this case whether to lock or not to lock my prop when sailing.I came up with these graphs from July 2012 Yachting Monthly, which also include feathering props.…
Dec 2, 2017
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"Thanks Bob, That is exactly what I thought but needed to confirm, also on the feathering prop not quite as good steaming but supposedly quite a bit better going astern, when the fixed pitch prop is windmilling there is quite a bit of drag, will let…"
Dec 2, 2017
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"here is one other shot indicating not much is coming off the leading edge!"
Dec 2, 2017
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New heel bearing, glassed rudder, hydrodynamic side support build

"Hi Jim,        This shot is better viewed full size to get rid of distortion. Also, the prop shaft may not been in position because the couple is not bolted together. However, if it would be helpful I could put the…"
Dec 1, 2017


Tighten or repair wheel 1 Reply

The spindles/spokes on my wheel have become very loose at the hub.  Hub is closed, forged bronze with seemingly no way to refasten or tighten the spindles.  Solutions?Continue

Started by John M Swenson. Last reply by bob mitchell Feb 18.

Rudder Construction

In about 10 days I will be slipping Sultana to evaluate the options to replace the badly worn propellor, including a feathering prop option, one of the "unknowns " at this stage is if there is ample room in the arperture for the prop to feather, one…Continue

Started by Jim Benbow Dec 1, 2017.



Started by bob mitchell. Last reply by Gerald Muffley Oct 27, 2017.

Mizzenmast running back stays 3 Replies

I am currently overhauling my rig, both main and mizzenmast, Sultana has running back stays but doesn't have a mizzen staysail, I thought I read something about this along the lines that the running back stays are only there for the mizzen staysail,…Continue

Started by Jim Benbow. Last reply by Jim Benbow May 2, 2017.

Paul Dunham's THREE water tanks 1 Reply

     Paul Dunham's three water tanks caught me off guard because I have two fuel tanks and two water tanks. I asked Capt. Clyde and he had this to say     Bob, I'm busy today, so this may turn out mercifully short.  No slip of the tongue here. …Continue

Started by bob mitchell. Last reply by Paul M Dunham Feb 26, 2017.

Lead Pigs or Bricks 1 Reply

After filling all 3 water tanks and adding 75 gallons of fuel, I found that Dudheen was listing a degree or two to port.  My first thought is that perhaps stowing all the block, tackle and dissembled hardware in the port pilot house locker was to…Continue

Started by Paul M Dunham. Last reply by bob mitchell Feb 21, 2017.

Update 5 Replies

Just a little update on where we are at in our restoration.We had toyed with the idea of replacing our engine but have decided to keep it for now and have since got it up and running, that was a huge event for us, it still needs all new gauges and a…Continue

Started by Greg & Angie Wheeler. Last reply by Mark Lamont Sep 16, 2016.

Newporter sign

Hi Folks - I was searching Newporters on Craigslist and this popped up: live near Hershey, so if anyone is interested, let…Continue

Started by Bruce Standley Jul 2, 2016.

junk rig 2 Replies

hi bruce,       There is only one junk rigged newporter that I know of and that is Wu Wei. One of our members, Jack More, (go to Members, look on first or second page, and click on Jack for some of his childhood pictures) grew up on the boat.       …Continue

Started by bob mitchell. Last reply by bob mitchell Jun 26, 2016.

Masthead fitting

Re:  Masthead fitting.  I have always liked the "crane" atop moderns masts which project fore and aft and house the sheaves for main and foresails.  They are sturdy and have a platform on top to which one can attach wind direction and speed…Continue

Started by William P. Gibbons Oct 5, 2015.

Blog Posts

Bow wave

THANK YOU for responding to my request for a GALLEY photo. Especially with the measurements. Won't the attendees be surprised?

Would anyone have a photo of a bow wave or similar 'action' photo. To be used for my Cal State U Dominguez Hills presentation on Nov 15. Most questions have been "how do you cook when the seas are big?" The photo I got from a magazine doesn't show it well.



Posted by Marion Seaman on October 30, 2017 at 2:18pm

Can anyone give me the measurements of the galley? Would like the numbers for a program I'm putting on at USCDH. Thanks, Marion

Can anyone give me the measurements of the galley? Would like the numbers for a program I'm putting on at USCDH. Thanks, Marion


Posted by Marion Seaman on September 20, 2017 at 1:45pm

Original Newporter winches

I have the two Geno winches,  The main sheet winch and the main halyard winch that I replaced  on Western Way.  I have changed the main halyard so I can raise the sail and reef from the cockpit.  Lines lead to the top of the pilot house.  I replaced the Geno winches with self tailing ones.   If anyone wants the old winches - give me a call or email me and we can work out something.  I will donate them if you pay for shipping and plan to use them on a Newporter.  Phone 207 469-3749 or…


Posted by John Barlow on April 24, 2017 at 10:54pm

Just re enrolled in this site.

I have been on the computer getting together photos for the broker.  Sadly after 20 years - 5 in rebuild and 15 sailing and constantly upgrading I am serious about selling Western Way.  She is in excellent shape and has been a fantastic cruising platform for my wife and I but we are getting to the age where I need to downsize.   I do plan to launch this May for the last season unless she sells.  We are going over to the dark side and I plan to get a trawler type yacht probably about 30 feet…


Posted by John Barlow on February 25, 2017 at 8:51pm

Newporter photos posted

  am posting two photos from the 1970's. At the time there were two Newporters in Chicago.

The one under full sail on a broad reach is a glossy black and white 3 x 5 in.print which I must have taken ( but I don't remember.)  It is the only picture I've ever seen of a Newporter flying a "mule"/"fisherman" sail, and mizzen spinnaker plus mizzen, main, jib, and genoa. We all need it for inspiration.


 If anyone knows the dimensions of the mule and mizzen spinnaker, and how to…


Posted by William P. Gibbons on December 31, 2016 at 11:45pm — 3 Comments

porthole seals

Soooo last night was the first rain here in Northern California and I found a leak in one of my portholes the 7 x 18 on the forward port side. Not much water came in but it followed the channel above my bunk and dripped down on me at an inappropriate time of the night.  Any recommendations on replacement seals.  All six are shot and I suppose that I could call Parker Seal for a giant o-ring but thought the rest of you would have some advice.  Thanks in advance.

Posted by Mark Lamont on October 2, 2016 at 11:13pm

Interior Flooring

What were the interior floors originally made of?  I have oak parquet which I cannot imagine was the intent of the maker.  Surprisingly they have not blackened which is the property of oak with water.  I guess that is a tribute to the finisher. Save they are glued down with mastic and popping loose in areas. The hatches have a frame that appears to be a different wood with longer grain structure.  Suggestions?

Posted by Mark Lamont on October 2, 2016 at 7:06am — 4 Comments

MAST RAKE and Other Notes

In response to Bob’s blog on the masts:


Now we are looking into an interesting bit of history in Newporter construction.  The ones we built, and Bob’s present boat is one of them, and those after a few of the first boats were built, were all built to patterns and on jigs and in accord with measurements in a book or two.  Each area in our shops had their own areas of the total construction as their “area” of work to put the boats together.  This resulted in some overlaps, or…


Posted by Clyde A. Phillips on September 5, 2016 at 10:23pm

"Elegant Lady" is looking for a new home!

I've had this beautiful lady for 20 years and now I'm looking for a new home for her!

Posted by Jim Wallace on August 4, 2016 at 12:35pm

Newporter in Washington

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone had some information on a newporter currently located in asacortes Washington. Hull #35 named Red's Rogue. He has it posted as free to a good home and I'd like to see it saved, either by me or someone else. in the winter 2016 issue is where I found the listing.

Posted by David Schwark on February 19, 2016 at 8:41am — 3 Comments


            LINKS ===============


Muf, our Keeper of the Roster, has updated it.  But he still needs information on boats out there that he doesn't have, like new owners, old owners, where any of the boats are.  We don't post the roster on the web site, it is only sent to owners.  Please send him anything you might have, or call him at:   

909 561 4245


Captain Clyde's Newporter  sites:


The Ning site has been given a reprieve.   I have  transferred my Ning site to the blogspot site and will leave it there. I am keeping my Ning site open as a home for my photos and drawings.

Many of my photos there do not relate to Newporters, but a search through my collection may prove useful for your studies.

My drawings are not accurate in many respects as a result of the PAINT program used to draw them, There is no accurate scale and at best they are only useful to indicate some specific detail.  Some are inaccurate because of my poor memory.  Use them to help you think, not as a detailed presentation of the subject matter.

If any of you want to start a web site I suggest you remember what has happened to both my Ning site and this site (which is a Ning site) and remember that my Blogspot site is free and Blogspot's owner (Google) has promised to keep it that way.


Clyde's email: 

Put 'Newporter' on Subject Line.  Email is the best way to contact me.  I do not regularly look at this site or its messaging system.  Email will get to me post-haste. 


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