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a beautiful boat should sail forever.

After owning Western Way for the past 20 years the time has come for us to move to the "Dark Side".   We sold our Newporter hull # 71 and have purchased a motor boat.   They say the happiest times for a boat owner are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.  For us every day we sailed was happy.   Selling it was not easy and for everything we put into it, It was a sad time.  However as well designed and constructed as the Newporter is the upkeep  for a 57 year old wooden boat would eventually be more than I could handle     I did all of the   maintenance myself and enjoyed working on it as much as sailing it.   It is a great boat, has a great history, is in great condition and  with out a doubt  will provide many many years of enjoyment for her new owner.  

The new owner is Peter Dicesare from Portsmouth , NH.  Peter is planning of sailing south this winter and that is just what Western Way is made for.  I plan to keep in touch with Peter and look forward to hearing about his adventures with Western Way.  

My wife Diane and I are still planning to be out on the water with our new boat Endeavour a Nordic Tug 32.   I will still be a Newporter fan and hope all  Newporters  can sail on forever.  

John Barlow

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Comment by John Barlow on September 25, 2018 at 4:53pm

Bob:   I will send a couple of pictures.  Heading out tomorrow for Connecticut to pick up our used but new to us Nordic Tug 32.  I will keep in touch and any Newporters sailing off Penobscot Bay and  Down East let us know by sending in a comment.


Comment by bob mitchell on September 25, 2018 at 4:50am
wow, that's a landmark in Newporter history. John has been incredibly helpful as I rebuilt my Newporter, supplying any critical measurements I asked for. I visited him in Maine a couple of times, and spent time on the Western Way. Talk about a well kept up boat! POST A PHOTO OF YOUR NEW BOAT!!!! AND DON'T BE A STRANGER TO THE SITE!!!.

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The Ning site has been given a reprieve.   I have  transferred my Ning site to the blogspot site and will leave it there. I am keeping my Ning site open as a home for my photos and drawings.

Many of my photos there do not relate to Newporters, but a search through my collection may prove useful for your studies.

My drawings are not accurate in many respects as a result of the PAINT program used to draw them, There is no accurate scale and at best they are only useful to indicate some specific detail.  Some are inaccurate because of my poor memory.  Use them to help you think, not as a detailed presentation of the subject matter.

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