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     Paul Dunham's three water tanks caught me off guard because I have two fuel tanks and two water tanks. I asked Capt. Clyde and he had this to say


I'm busy today, so this may turn out mercifully short.  No slip of the tongue here.  Three water tanks went into several of the boats that I worked on.  The standard compliment of tanks were one on each side of the engine, water and fuel.  There were options of having one or two tanks in the forepeak on either or both side under the vee-berth.  These, being options, could be two fuel tanks, two water tanks, one of each, or only one on one side.  The choice was the owner's choice.
The choices were dictated by how the owner would use the boat.  Long sailing trips require a lot of water, and for those who sailed on rather calm weather and powered through even small seas needed more fuel.  Experience tells the owner what tankage to install, the inexperienced owners would spend a lot of time second guessing.
No remarks needed on the mantle.  I'm sure you gave him a good job.

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From the original Newporter's Extras List, Item No. 20 lists "Fuel or Water Tanks, Extra, Two, 50 gallons each, fiberglass, build under fwd. berths, complete with deck fillers, lines, valves, and sounding sticks".

I may be uniquely lucky to have in possession the original sales and options documents for the Dudheen.  I can scan and share them when I get back to Houston later this week if desired.

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