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I am currently overhauling my rig, both main and mizzenmast, Sultana has running back stays but doesn't have a mizzen staysail, I thought I read something about this along the lines that the running back stays are only there for the mizzen staysail, I would like to eliminate them if not needed, is there any supporting information to backup this?

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    Hi Jim - hope you feel confident about the taper!  If you use the search up in the right hand corner  you will find several mizzen staysail references. Probably the one by Clyde might have some useful stuff.

Let me say right off:  The running back stays are a part of the mizzen staysail installation.  They are only used for that sail.

Secondarily, here is the drawing I made "back in the day" when I was installing such things.  Note the little picture in the lower right hand corner about securing an unused running backstay.  Take them off and store them, and the hardware for securing the backstays when not is use can also be removed.  Take a sail for me!

Thanks Clyde, that's just what I needed to know, I will leave them off when we re-step the masts in a couple of weeks, it won't be much to refit them if needed.

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