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After filling all 3 water tanks and adding 75 gallons of fuel, I found that Dudheen was listing a degree or two to port.  My first thought is that perhaps stowing all the block, tackle and dissembled hardware in the port pilot house locker was to blame.  Then while following new sources of bilge rinse under the port salon settee, I discovered an installation of 10 lead pigs, each weighing upwards of 50 lbs.  I did not find any on the starboard anywhere.

So I basically reassembled the wooden base platform, pigs, and brass securing strap to the same station on starboard, and wow; perfectly even keel.

Anyone with similar discovery or thoughts?

Thanks, Paul

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   Wow! That is interesting. Sort of instant customize for whatever fuel and water supplies you carry. Here is a thought that I had on my boat, which always listed to starboard. Originally my batteries were off center to that side (starboard), as well as 300 feet of anchor chain at bow.

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