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The grooved and flanged track (available as Schaefer sail track for around $100 per 12 feet, but the shipping costs more than the track!) is very robust, as indicated in my last album of "repairing damaged mast track". Anyway, the lucky break is that you can clamp a piece of track on, and the string, with care, still works in the groove, allowing one to drill the new holes. A KEY IDEA is that the string allows you to pick out a few perfect old holes (3 or 4) per twelve foot piece of track and screw the track in, perfect at those chosen locations The one hole showing was originally perfect, so I just keep checking to make sure it is perfectly centered.

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Comment by bob mitchell on July 21, 2018 at 5:12am

      After drilling the epoxy plug I used a number  8 SS 3/4" pan head is what I used to fasten the track,  The predrill size was just the body size or slightly smaller than the body of the screw.A FEW IMPORTANT THOUGHTS. (CAVEATS/)

   1) If you painted after the last predrill but before the screw was in, and let it dry, the paint can harden, and then the hole will be to small, and the screw may "pop" the epoxy plug and the mast - because if you waited that long the brand of epoxy I use may be to hard for the screw to cut its own threads. 

    in other words, the 3/8" plug of epoxy is installed, and, in the RAKA brand I use, is let cure for two to three days. Then the screw is used to cut it's own threads. This is a delicate process done by hand AND NOT OVER TIGHTENED.  So don't over tighten, and don't fill the hole in with paint.

   2 ) The 7/8" mast track center groove does not have room for a number 10 pan head screw, so if you mess up a hole and need to move up a size screw, turn the head to a smaller diameter with a side grinder (clamped or bench grinder). 

AFTER WORKING THROUGH THE EPOXY PLUG METHOD, I WOULD SAY THERE ARE DEFINITELY THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG.  One inparticular was that all number 8 screws are not the same diameter shaft or threads, so stick with one brand (Iknow they are supposed to be, but they are not).

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