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So the guys before were a little careless, or the hole is worn out, or the track is bent, so the holes need to be redone. But with the track secured with 3 or 4 perfect screws making corrctions in the 3/8" epoxy plug, for any reason, is easy. Just drill the pilot hole under the string.
In this pic clearly the holes aren't centered on the track. ASSUMING YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE 3/8" EPOXY PLUGS.... drill a new pilot hole CENTERED under the string. You may have to flex a bent track to accomplish this, but that action is taking care of the bent track problem! Now do the screw. You know you have done good if the screw is centered on the string - do not over tighten - it is only a #8 screw.

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Muf, our Keeper of the Roster, has updated it.  But he still needs information on boats out there that he doesn't have, like new owners, old owners, where any of the boats are.  We don't post the roster on the web site, it is only sent to owners.  Please send him anything you might have, or call him at:   

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The Ning site has been given a reprieve.   I have  transferred my Ning site to the blogspot site and will leave it there. I am keeping my Ning site open as a home for my photos and drawings.

Many of my photos there do not relate to Newporters, but a search through my collection may prove useful for your studies.

My drawings are not accurate in many respects as a result of the PAINT program used to draw them, There is no accurate scale and at best they are only useful to indicate some specific detail.  Some are inaccurate because of my poor memory.  Use them to help you think, not as a detailed presentation of the subject matter.

If any of you want to start a web site I suggest you remember what has happened to both my Ning site and this site (which is a Ning site) and remember that my Blogspot site is free and Blogspot's owner (Google) has promised to keep it that way.


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